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      TIT: by digital marketing to seize business opportunities,and focusing on RCEP to market extension


      By using digital measurements, focusing on the RCEP market, and promoting the century-old brand, Guangzhou Textiles Industry and Trade Holdings LTD (hereinafter referred to as TIT group/the company ) had shown its strength, explored market opportunities and seized orders at the 132nd Canton Fair.
      Strengthen digital marketing to expand the market. With using VR and 3D display, the company had fully enabled digital technology to participate in the Canton Fair. And also combining with 24-hour rolling live broadcast and recording, we had reached customers in different time zones and dug deep potential customers. At this time of Canton Fair, TIT had launched more than 200 live broadcast. At the same time, by making good use of multi-channel online marketing, the company had searched for global target customers, dug deep key resources. At present, we have reached cooperation intention with customers from Mexico, Turkey, Ghana, Bangladesh and other countries, and signed procurement contracts with many of them.
      Seize the opportunities in the RCEP market. Adjusting the live broadcast time for RCEP market to enhance products display, starting from online contact to strengthen and deepen cooperation intentionand promoting the implementation of orders, we have achieved 23.8% year-on year growth in exports to the RCEP region from January to September.
      Adhere to independent design to build the brand. Nearly 400 pieces of self-developed and designed new products were exhibited in the 132nd Canton Fair, including GOGO casual denim, Liven fashion women’s clothing, Pet children’s wear, historical brand LIGONGMIN sweat back and home wear and other main products. The series of green and antimicrobial garment was successfully selected into the first exhibition of new products held by the canton fair, and was selected into the Bridge of Trade -- the 132nd Canton Fair global supply and purchase matchmaking event.Among them, the eco-friendly anti-bacterial coat had won the bronze award in the fashion and life category of the Canton Fair Design Award ( CF Award )at the 2022 Canton Fair. LIGONMIN time-honored brand, with diversified design and fusion of traditional and innovation, had attracted young customers at home and abroad, which made the Chinese Time-honored Brand become widely known and also promote the historical brand glow with new vitality.


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